Desk Chairs

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, then a comfortable and well-designed office chair is a must. Whether you like stationary or rolling chairs, City Furniture has the ideal office chair to match your preference and your home office’s distinct look.

office chair

Traditional Desk Chairs

For stable comfort at your desk, try one of our stationary desk chairs with four legs and a sturdy chair back, available with or without padded seat cushions. Our home office desks chairs come in dark and light tone finishes.

chair with wheels

Rolling Desk Chairs

Rolling desk chairs are mounted on a base with wheels, allowing you to easily move around your home office. Rolling chairs are ideal for hard floors, but if you have carpet in your home office, don’t worry! A simple chair mat placed under the desk will allow your chair to roll smoothly.

Swivel Desk Chair

Swivel Desk Chair

Many of the rolling desk chairs also have a swivel feature that allows for additional movement and positioning. Each part of the desk or home office becomes even more accessible with a swivel chair with wheels.

kids desk chair

Kids' Desk Chairs

Desk chairs for kids tend to be smaller and simpler without levers and adjustment tools. This allows for a study, and uncomplicated desk chair for your kid's room.