Kids Media Chests & Consoles

Kids Media Chests and Consoles

Media chests serve a dual purpose: to function as an entertainment hub and to provide functional but stylish storage. Whether your kid or teen plans to use a media chest for a TV, a music system, or something unique to him or her, we have a great collection of media chests sized right for your child’s bedroom.

How to select the right media chest

When choosing a media chest, first consider the electronics in your child’s bedroom. Many people use media chests for displaying TVs, so remember to measure your child’s TV before buying a media chest. The TV should not be wider than the chest, but it also shouldn’t be too small, leaving too much extra space on each side. Aim for a media chest that allows a couple of inches of space on each side of the TV.

City Furniture’s media chests also feature space for DVD players, gaming systems, or other similarly sized electronics. Consider how many storage drawers you anticipate your child needing for other items—our collection features media chests with anywhere from one to six drawers! We also offer media cabinets with a door for the ultimate entertainment experience.