Bedroom Furniture Nightstands

Choosing a nightstand

There are so many things your kid or teen needs within arm’s reach while sleeping—an alarm clock, a lamp, or a good book. The right nightstand should hold everything your child needs while maintaining the bedroom’s unique look and feel.

Storage Nightstands

When selecting a nightstand, consider how much storage space your kid or teen would like. Nightstands typically come in one-drawer, two-drawer, or three-drawer models, and some have no drawers at all. Drawers are ideal for helping your child stay organized and keeping their seldom used items from getting dusty, while drawer-less models often feature elegant designs and take up less bedroom space.

Nightstand Style

Think about the overall feel of your kid’s or teen’s bedroom. Would a round nightstand be a good fit? How about a classic square model in rich, dark wood? City Furniture offers nightstands in a variety of shapes and colors to match your child’s furniture and unique character.