Living Room Chairs

Chairs provide a great complement to a comfortable sofa while allowing for extra seating when needed. Chairs are usually selected in a contrasting or neutral color to accent the living room as a whole. When choosing a chair for your living room, you should always make sure that it fits your comfort level and the style of the room.

arm chair

Arm Chairs

A more traditional addition to any living room, arm chairs provide additional support and comfort. Check out our performance fabrics that help prevent against stains. You can also purchase our furniture protection plan.

arm chair

Armless Chairs

Armless chairs have a more modern feel and have the advantage of being usable at a large dining table or similar surface.

swivel chair

Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs are a unique addition to your living room; perfect for larger living rooms or those with sectionals, a swivel chair allows you to follow the conversations as they naturally progress around the space.

chaise lounge

Chaise Lounges

A chaise is a great addition your living room. Much like a chair, the chaise is meant for a single person, but it also serves as a daybed, allowing one to rest comfortably while lying down.

leather chair

Leather Chairs

Leather furniture has become versatile in its style. Leather chairs can provide both traditional and modern accents to any living room. There are a variety of leathers to choose from, bonded leather chairs to top grain leather chairs.

microfiber chairs

Microfiber Chairs

Microfiber chairs have grown in popularity due to its easy maintenance and comfort. There is also a wide selection of colors to choose from.