Luxury Mattresses

City Furniture carries a wide selection of mattresses in all price ranges including mattresses on sale. Every mattress brand offers a variety of mattresses from affordable options to luxury mattresses. Luxury mattresses may contain higher quality materials and fabrics. Many luxury mattresses match quality and comfort with stylish accents. Some of the high-end mattresses available at City Furniture are listed below.

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Tempur-Pedic offers an excellent assortment of high quality mattresses with a luxurious feel. The Tempur material is a memory foam like material used to conform to each individual body type.

Tempur-Cloud Luxe

The Tempur-Cloud Luxe is the more luxurious of the Tempur collection offering unparalleled comfort and quality. You can pair this luxury mattress with an Ergo adjustable base for customized positioning and comfort.

Serta Lurxury Mattresses

Serta also offers a collection of luxury mattresses with the iComfort gel mattress line. iComfort mattresses are designed for even more comfort than traditional memory foam mattresses.

iComfort Mattresses

All iComfort mattresses offer advanced cooling gel, which allows for a more luxurious and gratifying sleep. The iComfort Savant is available with an adjustable base as are other iComfort mattress models. The iComfort mattress line truly provides the ultimate in sleep luxury.