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Kevin Charles Mattress Sets

Because you deserve the very best.

City Furniture Mattresses
The Kevin Charles mattress line, City Furniture’s own brand of mattresses, was developed with the simple idea that you deserve the very best. And with that in mind, our in-house design team diligently worked to produce a line of mattresses that not only provide superior comfort and support levels, but have extraordinary value and aesthetic appeal.

The impressive selection of memory foam and innerspring models offers a rejuvenating solution for every type of sleep need and preference. Using state-of-the-art Sterling memory foam, best-selling models like Dreamer and Serenity rival the reflexive qualities found in top competitors, while traditional innerspring models like the Resort offer tried and true comfort. And because we keep your health in mind, every mattress is made with eco-friendly materials that provide natural purifying and deodorizing filters—all at incredible prices.

Remember that better health begins with better sleep, and it all starts with a visit to your local showroom to preview the entire Kevin Charles lineup. Your mattress shopping experience includes a custom fit by a trained bedding expert, free removal of your old bedding, and the 120 Day Comfort Guarantee.

City Furniture Online

Introducing our new online showroom featuring the Odds & End Tables blog.

City Furniture Mattresses

With our home furnishings reaching new levels of amazing, it was only natural to create an outside as incredibly chic as our inside. And with that, we are excited to announce our newly remodeled online showroom. Featuring a brand new look and feel, online shoppers can enjoy improved search functions (like browsing by color and materials), as well as a responsive design that can be used on any device—meaning you can literally shop from anywhere.

We’re also launching the Odds & End Tables blog, which is your source for all things cool and relevant in the world of design, home, and beyond. So what can you look forward to week after week? Besides the obvious and ever so important topic of furniture, our passionate team is generating ideas faster than we can type. We want to take you inside celebrity homes, tell you what we love, share tips, teach you how to shop, celebrate the holidays, and maybe even profile a few of our handsome deliverymen.

Yet with all these exciting changes, the goal of remains the same—to put hundreds of home styles with the best prices right at your fingertips.