Five reasons you'll love our value mattresses.

You want good sleep, but you want to stick to a budget. We totally get that, and it’s literally the reason we developed our Rest & Renew mattresses. It’s our exclusive line of bed-in-box mattresses, and they’re a little different than everything else out there. Read on to see the top five reasons why you’ll love our version, and discover the secret that’s keeping us all fast asleep at night.




1. Best Price Guaranteed

Yup, we said it. And we mean it. Our Rest & Renew mattresses start at just $129 for a queen, which is basically a dream come true. Even our most premium model sits under $1,000 for a queen, and that comes with all the bells and whistles you can imagine—including layers of contouring memory foam and a refreshing, cooling cover.


2. So Many Options


It’s not your one-size-fits-all bed in a box. Instead, we took a different approach, offering a wide range of options to match your unique sleep needs and preferences. Your options start with three main materials of Bonnell coil, pocketed innerspring, or memory foam. From there, you can choose between a range of heights and comfort layers to get the perfect fit. We’ll give you a quick crash course on the differences here:


Bonnell coil: This is your standard innerspring mattress using an open coil spring system (aka the coils are connected). It’s a great option for the kid’s room or guest room, since it’s really inexpensive and fares better with lighter weights or more infrequent use.


Pocketed innerspring: It’s the next step up in the innerspring world, and it basically means all the innersprings sit inside of individual pockets. The advantage here is that pocketed coils offer more pressure point relief, so they tend to be more comfortable. They also reduce motion transfer, which is great for couples—especially if your partner tends to move around a lot.


Memory foam: All of our memory foam mattresses are made with eco-friendly foam that actually molds to your body, which offers lots of contouring support and less bounce than your innerspring options. They’re also topped with breathable covers that are Oeko-Tex® certified to be free of harmful chemicals.




3. Ships Free


Need we say more? Every single mattress ships free, and we can be at your front door in as little as three days. You’ll take it from there, and you can see in our next point just how easy it will be.


4. Arrives in a Box


I mean, that’s just plain cool, right? Our mattresses come triple sealed in a small cardboard box that practically defy the laws of nature. Just pop it open and watch your mattress start to come to life. It takes 24 to 72 hours to reach its full potential, but you can start sleeping on it the day it arrives.




5. Power Base Compatible


Want to pair your Rest & Renew mattress with a power base? You got it! All of our mattresses (with the exception of the Bonnell coil) are completely compatible. A power base allows you to adjust the position of your mattress, so you can raise your head and/or feet. This comes with so many benefits, like improved circulation, reduced snoring, and back pain relief. It’s also great for things like working on your laptop in bed, or just watching a movie.