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Bedroom Sets

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City Furniture is the proud home to some of the most stunning bedroom sets on the market. No matter your style, we are confident that you’ll be able to find the one that’s right for you here. By providing affordable bedroom furniture that’s durable and easy on the eyes, our goal is to be the central location for all of your home decor needs. Are you ready to find the bedroom set of your dreams?

Start With Size

When shopping for a bedroom set, do yourself a huge favor and filter by size from the very start. This will help you eliminate endless scrolling and help you focus on options that you can actually use.

Kids bedroom sets: When searching for a kids bedroom set, size is arguably the most important factor. Depending on to the age of your children, you may need one of our twin bedroom sets or one of the full size bedroom sets in our lineup. Regardless of whether you choose bunk beds, a trundle bed for hosting sleepovers or a full sized bed for your growing teen, choosing the proper size will provide you with furniture that’s perfectly scaled for your kids. This allows them to actually reach into the dresser drawers safely.

Queen Bedroom Sets: This is the most popular size of bedroom furniture for a reason. It is perfect for most adults by providing adequate storage and sleeping space without taking up too much room.

King Bedroom Sets: This size demands a certain amount of space to comfortably fit in your home. So if you live in a small apartment, a king sized bedroom set definitely isn’t the way to go. Even though the allure of a huge bed and a dresser with tons of drawers may seem too appealing to pass up, choose a smaller size if it makes more sense.

Next, Focus on Style

While knowing what size you need may not be that challenging, settling on the style of your bedroom furniture can be. Should you choose one of our modern bedroom sets with clean lines and metal accents? Or should you glam up the room with a mirrored bedroom set that’s impossible to ignore? No matter your taste, you’ll be able to find it here. While a typical bedroom set includes a bed and a dresser and mirror set, others also throw in a drawer chest and nightstand. Just make sure that the one you choose makes you happy and redefines your space with bold style.