Office Storage & Bookcases


Display your cherished books in a sturdy, tasteful bookcase from City Furniture. A bookcase adds a touch of sophistication to your home office and makes finding the book you are looking for a breeze.

Like any piece of furniture, bookcases come in many different designs, colors, and materials. Traditionally, bookcases feature simple open shelves, but they are also available with glass doors, cabinets, and drawers for dust-free storage.

Bookcases can have anywhere from two to six shelves, and sometimes more! As the name indicates, bookshelves are generally used to store books—but feel free to think outside of the box. Bookcases can also store decorative items, treasured collectibles, or anything you want to showcase in your home office.

File Cabinets

Forget boring gray metal file cabinets—City Furniture has beautiful file cabinets to make storage look elegant. We have a file cabinet in just the right size and style to complement your home office today.

File cabinets are a home office essential. When choosing a file cabinet, consider how much storage space you desire. Do you need to store many years' worth of documents, or only a few files?

As their name suggest, file cabinets are traditionally used to store files containing paper documents—but feel free to think outside of the box. File cabinets can be used to store a number of items in your home office, such as office supplies, books, electronics, and more.