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Newsletter: Father's Day
We’re inviting Dads everywhere to sit back and recline on their special day.

Opener of jars, terminator of bugs—when it comes to the home, these are the titles that dear ol’ dads most often bear. Rarely does he ever go by "designer," as this ever so important moniker is typically reserved for mom. However, in the month dedicated to celebrating these special guys, we think it’s about time the dads carved out their special nook in the home.

And what piece of furniture is more synonymous with dads than recliners? The perfect place for him to relax, the recliner all too often has a bad rap for being bulky and drab. But before you panic at the idea of an overstuffed monstrosity ruining your carefully selected decor, rest assured that plenty of stylish options are available. Let dad pick out a well-deserved chair from our recliner collection for a fool-proof way to put him in the designer’s driver seat.

beige sectional recliner Leather recliner