Kids & Youth Beds

Beds For Kids

kids poster bed

Kids High Poster Beds

A high poster bed also includes a headboard and footboard decorated with four bedposts, but the posts are tall to create the classic four-poster bed look for your child or teen’s bedroom.

bunk beds

Bunk Beds

A number of bunk bed styles are available at City Furniture. They include storage bunk beds, twin over full bunk beds and loft bunk beds to name a few.

kids sleigh beds

Kids Sleigh Bed

A sleigh bed features an elegantly curved headboard and footboard shaped to resemble a sleigh or sled. Your kid or teen will love this unique design!

kids bed with trundle

Kids Bed with Trundle

A number of our panel, poster, and platform beds have been upgraded to include a trundle, which is a slightly smaller bed on rollers that slides underneath the main bed. Trundle beds are a great space-saving option—the extra bed is ready when needed, but conveniently hidden when not in use.

kids platform beds

Kids Platform Bed

A platform bed is characterized by its flat, slab-like platform supported by legs or a box base. Because the slab is solid, most platform beds do not require a box spring for extra support. Generally a bunky board is used instead of a boxspring.

kids bed with storage

Kids Bed with Storage

A storage bed is typically a platform or panel bed that includes drawers, shelves, a trundle, or other form of under-bed storage. A storage bed will help your kid or teen keep the bedroom organized and clean.

kids panel beds

Kids Panel Bed

A panel bed is similar to a platform bed, but a panel bed includes side rails that hold a box spring and mattress. Most panel beds include both a headboard and footboard.

kids poster bed with storage

Storage Poster Bed

A poster bed with storage simply indicates that one of our elegant four-poster beds has been upgraded to include storage space underneath the frame. Choose the storage option your kid or teen likes best: drawers, cubby-style, or trundle storage.

kids bookcase beds

Bed with Bookcase

Several of our panel and platform beds include a headboard that has been redesigned to resemble a bookcase. A bed with a bookcase allows your kid or teen to keep his or her favorite books close at hand.

kids poster beds

Kids Low Poster Bed

A low poster bed features a headboard and footboard adorned with four short bedposts. If your child or teen likes the look of a four-poster bed but does not want the traditional tall posts, then a low poster bed is the perfect choice.