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Our Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

It never fails. The ball drops, Auld Lang Syne plays, and the New Year’s resolutions begin. From getting back into your favorite skinny jeans to skipping your morning latte in favor of an actual savings account, each New Year brings a promise of hope, motivation, and a new and improved you—which usually lasts about two weeks.

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Holiday Gif Exchange

While this so called “most wonderful time of the year” has its moments of peace and joy, with the influx of crowded malls and even more crowded family gatherings, we’re starting to think the Grinch might just be a little misunderstood. But before your heart shrinks two sizes too small, allow our holiday “gif” exchange to provide some well-deserved comedic relief.

Fourth of July American Flag Pillows

Introducing: Holiday Pillows by City Furniture

Insert drumroll and fanfare, because we are beyond excited to announce the launch of exclusive holiday-themed pillows. Designed by our elite product development team and manufactured by Kevin Charles Fine Upholstery, these must-have pillows will be available for a limited time at our Sawgrass showroom in Tamarac—with plans to expand, naturally.