Clean Skies Ahead Converting our fleet to compressed natural gas

City Furniture made a huge leap to the future this April by converting our fleet of delivery trucks to run on compressed natural gas. Not only will this move slash fuel costs by at least 50 percent, but it will benefit the environment and delivery drivers as well. Compressed natural gas trucks (also known as CNG trucks), driver easier, produce less pollution, and reduce reliance on imported oil.

We already converted 51 trucks of our 85-truck fleet, and have plans to convert the remaining 34 by 2016. And as fate would have it, our Tamarac headquarters already had a natural gas pipeline, so building an onsite CNG station was an easy choice. This helps to make deliveries more efficient as well, since drivers can fill up at the warehouse in the morning instead of making an added stop along the way.

We’re excited and proud to be the first one of the first to make the switch, and we’re confident that CNG is going to revolutionize the trucking and transport industry.