Everyday Hero Harvey Mittleman

As they make a strong push toward the playoffs, the Miami Dolphins have shined with their work ethic and determination so far this season.

The same qualities were vital for Harvey Mittleman, an inspirational 93-year-old Navy vet who served as part of the U.S. Navy during World War II.

Decades after his service, which spanned from July 1943 to March 1946, Mittleman is being celebrated–an honor that he certainly deserves. As this week’s Everyday Hero, Mittleman is being recognized and awarded with a $1,000 City Furniture gift card, an expression of gratitude for his service in the military.

When asked about his time in the Navy, the active 93-year old is generous with details. He was quick to remind us that since he wore glasses at the time, he was originally assigned to what was known as a non-combative assignment. However, always one to do whatever was required to the best of his ability, Mittleman ended up in demolition under water and on land, helping to disarm Japanese bombs. In fact, it was his unit that went in with the first ‌wave of Marines on Okinawa.

Even with all of his accomplishments, Mittleman insists that the highlight of his military career was surviving and coming home. Part of a generation of heroes who returned home and helped to build the world we get to enjoy today, the recognition by the Dolphins helps to remind Mittleman that all his service in the Navy won’t be forgotten.

Thanks for being our Everyday Hero!