Honoring First Responders 24 mattresses delivered to the Plantation Fire Department

When a crisis occurs, it’s our first responders who are there to answer. The true heroes of every community, these men and women sacrifice for our personal safety. And for that reason, we believe it’s our duty to give back at every opportunity.

So recently, we made a very special delivery to the Plantation Fire Department, using our patriotic delivery truck. We donated 24 mattresses to the team, who will disperse them to various local fire departments.

The idea is that good sleep is an important part of physical and mental health, so it’s critical they have a comfortable place to rest. First responders work long shifts, requiring them to sleep at the station away from home. A good mattress can help make a difference in being prepared to respond to any situation.

It’s just one small way to say thank you to those who keep our community safe. One of the main pillars of City’s 5% Giving Pledge is to honor those who have served, and we pledge to continue to support our first responders.

Thank you for everything that you do!