Sewing for a Cause 30,000 masks donated to Niklaus Children's Hospital

Sometimes, the silver lining is found carefully stitched by the skilled hands of a seamstress. That’s the idea at our Kevin Charles Fine Upholstery brand, where our associates used their resources to make 30,000 face masks for the Niklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami.

Located in New Albany Mississippi, on a typical day you’d find the Kevin Charles seamstresses sewing covers for various living room furniture. But when the shortage of face masks due to COVID-19 challenged our healthcare systems, this family-spirited team turned the mission towards helping our heroes. It was an all-hands-on-deck effort, resulting in a massive donation to the pediatric hospital.

The masks will be used as “walk-around barrier masks” for the hospital’s patients and their families to wear in the hallways and other common areas. This helps spare the hospital’s critical supplies, and in turn, offset the global resource shortages.

The Niklaus Children’s staff anticipate that up to 2,000 masks could be used by families and patients per day, so the donation stocks the hospital for at least two weeks. Says our President Andrew Koenig, “Each day of this crisis, it’s more overwhelming to see the courage and determination of our region’s healthcare teams. It’s our privilege to be able to help.”

Additionally, the Kevin Charles team was able to product a few extra thousand to donate to other local hospitals and nurses, and the Distressed Women of Broward County, as well as our own associates to stay safe at work.

We are so proud of our team for living City’s 5% Giving Pledge, which is our commitment to give back to the community on all levels, including keeping our neighbors healthy. Together, we strive every day to achieve our mission of making the world a better place. Learn more about City’s 5% Giving pledge here.