5 Quick Home Decorating Tips From our Design Studio Interior Designers

Ready to take your home décor up a notch? It’s actually a lot easier than you might think. And that’s because it’s the little things that change everything—you just have to know the tricks of the trade. Here, our Design Studio interior designers are sharing their favorite quick home decorating tips to make your space feel special. You can also get more home décor tips at our next Wine & Design.

1. Pile On The Pillows


Don’t just stick to a single pillow in each corner of the sofa or sectional. Instead, layer up with various sizes and shapes, and don’t be afraid to mix up your colors and patterns. The more you do, the more personality it will bring to your living room.


2. Drape Your Throw


Think your throws are just for function? Think again! Instead of keeping your throws out of sight when not in use, drape it across the foot of your bed or sofa. This little touch goes a long way in adding a polished feel.


 3. Add Greenery


Greenery in any form adds life—literally—to your room. And we welcome all kinds, from succulents and flowers to larger plants like a fiddle fig tree. No worries if you don’t have a green thumb, because there are plenty of low-maintenance faux options that look just as good as the real deal. Whatever you choose, greenery adds instant warmth, plus it goes with everything.


4. Dress Your Walls and Floors


This tip will give you the most bang for your buck, as nothing makes the room feel more plain than empty walls and floors. Just a simple area rug and wall art will pull the whole look together, and you can take the room in so many directions. You’ll want to make sure they complement one another, so keep everything in the same style and color family.


 5. Add Lighting


Last, but not least, our designer’s quick home decorating tips. The right lighting sets the mood, so even if you have an overhead ceiling light, incorporate a table or floor lamp into the space. We love a statement chandelier in the dining room, or a stylish floor lamp in the living room—just think of it as the jewelry to your décor.