5 Times Wall Art Changed the Room The most affordable way to add wow factor

Want to make your room feel brand new without spending a lot? Then we have a little tip—switch up your wall art. This game-changing home accent has the power to make the whole vibe feel different, especially when you go with a bold color or print.

The best part is that it’s way more affordable than updating your furniture (especially since our wall décor starts at only $29). And if you’re still not convinced, read on for five examples of wall art totally making the room.

1. Watercolor Wonder

You can never go wrong with a watercolor-inspired print. The fluid strokes add a certain softness, with pops of bold blues and greens that make the room feel alive. It’s the perfect example of how you can take a neutral, versatile base like this dining set and incorporate your personal touch.

2. Anything But Neutral

This bedroom is proving that neutral can absolutely make a wow statement. The oversize scale of this piece adds serious presence to this space, while making the ceiling feel high and spacious. We’re also using a material rather than a painted canvas or print, which serves to add even more texture and visual interest.

3. Cool and Coastal

Another way to play with your wall art is by keeping everything in the same color scheme, like this cool and coastal example. The blue artwork matches the blue sofa, which gives the room a cohesive and intentional feel.

4. Color Splash

Ready to really shake things up? Just add color. This sunset photo is working overtime in this room, adding all kinds of bright and happy vibes. It’s perfect for something like the home office, where you may need a little extra pep in your day.

5. Abstract and Awesome

Can’t commit to a specific scene like a sunset or flower? No problem. If being literal isn’t your thing, you can always go with an abstract design. The beauty is that everyone will see and appreciate the artwork in a different way. Not to mention, it will update any room and style with a more modern feel.