Accent Furniture Ideas 5 ways to use your favorite pieces

When it comes to furniture, accent pieces are sort of a gray area. I mean, we all know what to do with the sofa and dining table. But what about that little chest you got just because it was really cute? Does it go in the living room? Or the bedroom? We have so many questions when it comes to accent furniture ideas!

And the answer is: There’s no wrong answer! We love using the undefined nature of accent pieces in our favor by giving them multiple uses. Check out our top five ideas here.

Accent Idea #1: Entry Table


One of our favorite places to use an accent chest is by the front door. Your entryway sets the tone for your whole home after all, so it deserves some style attention. (More entryway tips here.) And like any good accent piece, it adds some function by offering a place to stash your purse or bag.

Bonus tip: Don’t play it safe! Choose a piece with some bold décor elements, like this chevron striping. You can save the more neutral pieces for larger spaces like the living room.

Accent Idea #2: Kitchen Storage


Who says you can’t use furniture to hold food? Not us! A storage cabinet in any size can add much-needed pantry space to your kitchen. And trust us, it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) than adding an extra closet, and it comes with all the same benefits.

Bonus tip: Look for a piece with adjustable-height shelves, so you can accommodate your storage needs accordingly.

Accent Idea #3: Nightstand


Looking for a unique nightstand idea? Then skip the matching bedroom sets and instead opt for one of our cutest accent furniture ideas. This will give your bedroom a charmingly eclectic feel, while offering all the same function of your typical nightstand.

Bonus tip: Go for a smaller chest, and measure to make sure it’s narrow enough to fit the space next to your bed.

Accent Idea #4: End Table


No sofa is complete without a side piece, and we love the idea of leaning just a little bit unconventional. It’s a low commitment choice when compared to your sofa, so you can really have some fun with your style options.

Bonus tip: Use this an opportunity to add some color to your living room, and go for a vibrant painted wood.

Accent Idea #5: TV Stand


Accent furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and a bigger piece makes for the perfect TV stand. And since most chests come with doors and shelving, it will give plenty of storage options for cable boxes, gaming equipment, and DVDs.

Bonus tip: Be mindful of where your media cords need to go, and try to pick a piece that will accommodate them.