Dresser Styling Tips 3 quick tips to get all dresser-ed up

Besides your bed, the dresser is the biggest opportunity to make a style statement in the bedroom. Though all too often, it just ends up being a resting spot for books, laundry, and anything else that didn’t make it to the closet. That is, until now, because we’re here to make it just as stylish on the outside as all your fashion on the inside.

Read on to get four quick styling tips to dress the dresser!

Dresser Styling Tip 1: Start with the dresser

This one’s a no brainer, but you’ll need to start with a dresser. It should match the overall vibe of the room, and be big enough to hold everything you plan on storing. Think about if you want lots of shallow drawers to hold things like socks, or just a few deep drawers to hold bulky items like sweaters—or even some shelving.

After that, find the perfect spot in your bedroom to place it. A blank wall is preferred, with enough room to open the drawers and walk around the rest of the furniture.

Dresser Styling Tip 2: Fill in the wall

Most dressers come with an optional matching mirror, and you can’t go wrong with that route. However, we also like the idea of using different pieces of wall décor to fill in your blank space.

Many people prefer to have a mirror above the dresser, so think about choosing an interesting shape. Take it a step further by hanging it off center and leaving room for another piece of artwork. This makes the whole setup feel interesting and curated.

Dresser Styling Tip 3: Add the tabletop décor

Now it’s time for the tabletop décor! When arranging your pieces, try to follow at least of a few of the following rules (and more shelf styling tips here):

• Add height

• Mix materials

• Play with shapes

• Throw in some greenery

Don’t forget to keep function in mind either. Be sure to add a storage box or tray to hold items like glasses, perfume, or jewelry. If you like soft lighting, add a tabletop lamp to give off a soft glow.

Bonus Tip: Play with styles

Never be afraid to reinvent your look from time to time! Whether you start over with a whole new dresser, or just change out the accessories, these dresser styling tips are an easy way to makeover the entire room. And while your look should flow, it’s definitely okay to blur the style line to achieve eclectic results.