Before and After: Easy Bedroom Refresh Makeover your look with home accents

Ready to master the easy bedroom refresh? We’re here to prove you can achieve HGTV results with just a few impactful changes. Starting with a boring before, all it took was a little color, some home accents, and a personal touch.

1. Start with a Blank Slate


There’s no shame in your before game. A boring bedroom is the perfect blank slate to start your easy bedroom refresh. As long as you have the basics, like a bed, dresser, and nightstand, you’re ready to go.

Tip: We love using an upholstered bed since it softens the room and it will go with anything you add to the décor.

2. Paint a wall


Paint is an easy and affordable to liven up any space, and a little will go a long way. Instead of painting the whole room, go with an accent wall. You can do the project in just an afternoon, offering a big return on minimal effort.

Tip: This will be the start of your room’s color scheme, so plan for the palette of the entire room.

3. Add an Area Rug


Few things can transform a room like the right area rug. They add instant warmth and style, and make everything feel more polished. We love the idea of a bold pattern, especially if your bedding is more neutral. Even better, it only takes a few minutes to unroll and enjoy.

Tip: Your area rug should be large enough so that your feet don’t touch the bare ground when getting out of bed. More area rug buying tips here.

4. Bring in Accent Furniture


Empty spaces can make the room bare, even in smaller bedrooms. Try adding an accent chair in a corner, and pairing it with a small side table. This will serve double duty as a cozy reading nook, all while making the room feel more interesting and inviting.

Tip: See what furniture you already have in other rooms that could be pulled into the bedroom.

5. Dress the Walls and Bed


You know how every good outfit needs the cute pair of shoes? Well, your bedroom needs that finishing touch too, and a couple throw pillows and wall art are just the trick. These little accents will pull the whole room together, and you can really have some fun with your choices.

Tip: Play with patterns! It doesn’t all have to match perfectly, as long as you stay within your color palette.