Color Crush: Coral 3 decorating ideas to use summer’s favorite hue

We all know summer is the hottest season, so it’s no wonder we picked a vibrant shade to match. And does it get any better than coral? This bright and lively color is making a splash everywhere, and we’re here to prove just how versatile it can be. Read on to see how we styled it three different ways.

1. Coral Decorating Idea: Modern Loft


What this style is all about: It’s modern with a twist. Balancing today’s styles with vintage influence, we’re embracing the unexpected with natural elements, bold accents, and an undeniable cool factor.

How to make it coral: Layer in the color through home accents. Try a few vases on a tabletop that’s visible in the room, and you can switch out florals for greenery to get that loft look. And since this style is all about feeling artsy, play with unique textures and finishes.

Of course, if you really want to go all in on coral, you can always paint the wall for a wow effect.

2. Coral Decorating Idea: Coastal


What this style is all about: Coastal design makes coming home feel like an escape, breathing fresh life into your space with nautical hints and that carefree feeling of being on vacation.

How to make it coral: Once again, it all comes down to the accents. Only this time, we’re choosing a slightly softer shade of coral. Coastal is most definitely a laid-back vibe, so it only makes sense to choose a more soothing version.

And where modern loft was focused on artsy edge, here we selected pieces with a beachy vibe, like the rope balls and playful birds.

3. Coral Decorating Idea: Miami Modern


What this style is all about: Get into your ultra-sleek element. Miami Modern layers on the shine with glossy finishes and metallic elements, plus crisp lines that are striking and approachable all at once.

How to make it coral: Clearly, this trend is about the minimal look, so it’s only fitting we go minimal with coral. A mostly white color scheme with a pop of coral here and there is all it takes.

Color Goes Everywhere


No matter your style, you can truly take coral anywhere . One of our favorite applications of color is wall art, which is an easy, low commitment, and inexpensive way to switch up your home’s color story. Whatever you choose, this summer it’s all about living in color.