Fall Home Updates See the color palettes of the season

Who’s ready for a fall update? Something about this time of year that makes us want to grab a cup of pumpkin spiced coffee and redo our entire living room. Maybe it’s the changing weather, or maybe it’s just all the new home trends, but we’re totally craving a makeover (and all the pumpkin things).

But since investing in all new furniture isn’t exactly realistic, we’re turning to home accents to get into the fall mood. Using three cozy color palettes that capture the feel of the season, we’ll show you how it’s done—and we even use the same sectional to prove that it can all work with your existing pieces.


We love the idea of trading in the bright and bold colors of summer for some neutral, muted hues for fall. We’re also keeping our textures in the seasonal theme as well, with sweater-inspired fringe on the accent pillows, and a beaded wood chandelier.



There’s nothing better than a fall fire (who cares if we live in Florida?), and that immediately brings to mind some soothing, smoky hues. Enter our gray color story, which transforms the room with just a few accents. Again, we leaned towards cozy textures like the plush area rug, and a yarn fringed accent pillow.



Arguably the most favored home décor color, the best way to go blue in the fall is with navy and midnight tones. You can easily pull this into your living room with a few throw pillows, a new area rug, and a table lamp or accent chair—and just like that, the entire mood feels more seasonal.