Find Your Decorating Style Take the photo quiz

The first step to creating a home you love is to find your decorating style. But if that sounds easier said than done, don’t worry, because we’re here to help. And even better, it’s a lot simpler than you think.

Essentially, it all comes down to what makes you happy—and you’ll know it when you see it. Read on to take the photo quiz, and find out what it all means for the style of your home.

Look #1:


Love this look? Then your style is tropical.

What it means: You’re a nature lover that’s never afraid to make a splash.

What to look for: Forget the palm trees and rattan of yesterday’s tropical styles. Our modernized version takes a less literal approach, focusing on organic shapes and materials. Look for live edge wood pieces, which leaves the natural edge of the tree intact, and pair that with soft fabrics. As for your colors, stick with a neutral palette punctuated by bold, saturated colors.

Look #2:


Love this look? Then your style is coastal.

What it means: You love the beach, and this is the next best thing to living there.

What to look for: Fresh and breezy, coastal style should make you feel instantly relaxed upon entering the room. This is achieved with soothing colors inspired by the ocean, like blues, greens, and sandy tones. Combine that with hints of nautical influence, like twine or rope accents. And since this style should definitely feel cozy, be sure to layer on the texture.

Look #3:


Love this look? Then your style is mid-century modern.

What it means: You’re effortlessly cool, with a timeless edge and artsy flair.

What to look for: Mid-century modern was born in the 1950s, so your look should definitely have some retro vibes, like geometric patterns in your area rug or artwork. Another signature feature of this look is minimalist forms that make a striking impact, so keep your lines clean and angular. After that, just throw in a sculptural element or two, and your home will feel like a chic downtown loft.

Look #4:

Love this look? Then your style is casual.

What it means: You’re laidback and approachable, and you want a home to match.

What to look for: Above all, your home should feel livable and welcoming. That means going with comfortable seating, soft colors, and touches of greenery. Avoid anything that feels overly trendy, and instead go for classic designs with rolling curves and natural finishes—this will make the whole room feel homey.

Look #5:

Love this look? Then your style is glam.

What it means: You know there’s no such thing as too fancy.

What to look for: Glam rooms should command attention, so add a little wow factor with lush fabrics, crystal accents, and plenty of shine. We especially love jewel tones, like the sapphire rug, paired with chic shapes and crisp white.