High End on a Budget 5 ways to make your home look expensive

Let’s be honest—most of us have designer home goals without the actual budget to make it happen. Or so you thought, anyway. Because the secret is, looking expensive doesn’t actually have to BE expensive. It’s all about creating a look that feels polished and planned. And it also doesn’t hurt to use a few of our favorite tips and tricks:

Go Glossy


Maybe it’s because diamonds are sparkly, but something about glossy furniture just feels luxurious. And the good news is that materials like chrome and lacquer are actually quite affordable. Bonus points for incorporating a canopy bed because a little extra drama always feels, well, extra.


Skip Leather


Naturally, premium materials like leather are going to cost you. And don’t get us wrong, they are totally worth the investment if you have the funds. However, if you’re looking to save money, there are plenty of alternatives that look and feel like just real leather. Microfiber is one great option, and you’ll barely be able to tell the difference.


Keep it Minimal


When it comes to looking fancy, less is usually more. Which works out perfectly, since fewer pieces means spending less. A minimalist design scheme makes the room feel modern and cohesive, and that’s right on par with looking high end.


Use Interesting Shapes


Anything with an interesting shape looks artistic, which automatically makes it feel designer. Look for pieces like c-shaped chairs and curved silhouettes, or any lines that feel out of the ordinary. Again, a minimalist route will further enhance the luxe effect.


Pick a Color Palette


Picking a palette and sticking with it makes everything look intentional and put together, which is what designer style is all about. When in doubt, go neutral, as this will be readily available and the easiest to decorate. Another tip: A draped throw will take you to designer level with zero cost or effort.