How To: A Vanity Affair

The verdict is in—vanities are an absolute must for your bedroom or oversized master bath. Giving you a special place to feel pampered and beautiful, the only real question is: how do you find one that fits your style?

We happen to think the best solution is to create your own custom look, which can be easily done with a little help from City Furniture. Here’s our formula for success as well as some inspiration to get you started.

1. Add a mirror: The most critical part of a vanity, choose one that speaks to your personal style. Check that the scale is in proportion, and that you can see your face above the edge of the mirror.



2. Pull up a chair: Sit pretty with the ever-necessary vanity chair. You can go with a comfortably padded accent chair or repurpose a chic dining chair.

Vanity chair


3. Pick a table: Complete the look and store all the essentials with a pretty vanity table. We love the idea of thinking outside the box: How about a writing desk or console table?

Vanity Tables