Hygge for the Holidays Tips to the coziest home trend of all time

Wondering if hygge is still a thing? The answer is absolutely—especially this time of year. This popular Scandinavian design concept is based around the idea of making your home cozy, warm, and capturing an overall feeling of happiness and wellbeing. And what could be better for the holidays?

So whether or not you know how to pronounce it (though for the record, it’s “hoo-gah”) we’ll show you how to master the art of it.

1.) Sit by a fire

There’s nothing more cozy than sitting ‘round the fireplace—even if you live in Florida. A flickering fire adds instant ambiance, and if your home doesn’t have a real fireplace, you can get the same effect with a TV stand insert. (And you can even turn the heat off if the weather is more delightful than frightful.)


2.) Light Candles

When it comes to hygge, the more candles, the better. In fact, Danes buy more candles than anyone else in the world, and it’s all for the love of that soft, soothing glow. And because nothing about this concept is artificial, go for unscented candles in a white or neutral color.


3.) Neutral décor

Speaking of neutral colors, the furniture and décor in your room should also embody natural tones. The idea is to keep things simple, so choose pieces with earthy elements, and avoid anything that feels too bold or complicated. (Give yourself bonus points for creating a nook that allows you and friends to get comfy and enjoy quality time.)


4.) Vintage Touches

Hygge is all about bucking the trends and embracing character and imperfection. Surround yourself with pieces that tell a story, whether it’s an actual find from an antique store or something that just feels like one. We love pieces that mix and match, like a weathered coffee table paired with a darker tone TV stand.


5.) Get cozy

Texture is a big part of hygge, so pile on the soft throws, fluffy pillows, and shag rugs. You should feel immediate comfort upon entering the room—oh, and don’t forgot to trade your heels for a feel-good pair of slippers.


6.) Pour a warm drink

Hygge is just as much a lifestyle as it is a design concept. Part of that is easing yourself into a relaxed mindset, which is why we recommend pouring a warm cup of tea or cocoa. After all, you are what you drink, and feeling warm is a repeating theme of this cozy trend.


7.) Try a new hobby

Going with the idea that hygge is a lifestyle change, put down the phone and try a new hobby. Anything that allows you to live in the moment and experience something new is encouraged, whether it’s trying your hand at cross stitch or rediscovering your love of reading.