Modern Farmhouse 6 ways to get the trend

When it comes to home trends with serious staying power, modern farmhouse is topping the list. Simple and welcoming, it’s just about everywhere these days—and for good reason. Something about this style adds instant charm to the space, making it feel timeless and warm. So if you want it all for yourself (and who could blame you), then follow these six simple tips.



The first step to achieving modern farmhouse perfection is choosing a neutral color palette. Since the aesthetic is about keeping things simple and warm, tones like natural woods, washed whites, and soothing grays are key.




We did say this was modern farmhouse, so adding a contemporary element is a must. An easy way to pull this into your look is with a graphic area rug. Throw it under the dining room table or near the living room sofa, and you’ll instantly give the room an updated feel. You can also opt for wall art and décor as your modern element.




Would it even be farmhouse without something inspired by a barn door? And yes, you can go for the actual door to replace your closet or bathroom door in the bedroom. However, we like the idea of going in a more creative direction, like a headboard made with those signature planks and architectural beams.




This trend just loves to mix up the materials, and bonus points if those materials are twine and wrought iron. The combo lends a rustic feel to the room, which is a major part of this trend. Lighting fixtures pair well with this idea, like our chandelier with a wheeled shape that feels like something from the farm.




Nothing says farmhouse like distressed wood with a weathered finish. Whether it’s the headboard on your bedroom set or the dining room table, well-worn woods add instant character. Natural knots and burls make it feel like a piece that’s been in the family for years, which really embraces the vibe of this trend.




A big part of modern farmhouse design is the unfussy nature. So with that in mind, don’t over-clutter the space. Think a simple glass vase with a flower or two. Or, repurpose a serving tray with real or faux greenery.

Modern Farmhouse Conclusion

Yup, it’s official—we just can’t get enough! And the best part about this look is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, so you can apply these six simple tips however you want.