Multi-Function Dining Pieces that double as your home office, storage, and more

When it comes to making the most of our space at home, sometimes we need our furniture to serve more than one function. For instance, dining tables and dining sets can be used for more than enjoying meals. How much else can they really do? Think outside the room! Check out our top picks of multi-talented dining.

Chesapeake Dining

What is versatile, full of character, and comes with storage? That would be this Chesapeake dining set. It is the dining solution for small spaces. The high table has drawers, bottle storage, and a cabinet. Store tableware and it becomes a server. Keep some glasses and your favorite wine here, and it’s also a bar! The two barstools fit under the table and completely out of the way when not in use.

In addition to dining, Chesapeake makes a great two-person desk. No home office? No problem! Push this table up against your bedroom wall and you’ve got yourself a compact and space-saving workstation (with supply storage). Chesapeake may also be used as a console table. Add a sculpture or vase on top, hang a mirror on the wall, and voila! You’ve just snuck extra storage into your home.

Huntsville Dining

Who DOESN’T love dining tables with storage? No matter the size of the dining room, more storage is always appreciated. If the Huntsville high table has enough room, you might even be able to skip the server – freeing up some space with a multi-purpose table design. You can access the storage from either side of the table for more flexibility!


The next multi-function dining set that can do it all is Rockville. This table is great for small dining rooms and eat-in kitchens, but the drop-leaf sides are where it gets more interesting. You can drop the leaves to get back a little extra space in your dining room. You could push the table up against a wall and have an entryway table. Put the chairs next to the table and some hooks on the wall for a modern mudroom moment. Also, you can use it as a command center to pay bills and store mail!

Roland Dining

You gotta love space-saving dining. The Roland dining set is exactly that. It doesn’t take up much space, but the possibilities are endless. This high dining set can also be used as workspace or craft table. Get into some art with your kids, nieces, and nephews. If you’re working by yourself, there’s room to spread out and get in the zone. All four barstools store completely out of the way (underneath the table) when not in use.