Pillow Talk: Bed Styling Tips 5 ideas for dreamy style

Is your bedroom décor putting you to sleep? And, like, not in a good way? That can only mean one thing—it’s time for a style awakening.

And we have the secret right here: The easiest way to get a new look is by updating your linens. But if you’re not sure where to start in a world full of duvet options, read on for five ideas to get your bed dressed to snooze (And you can shop all of our bed styling tips in stores.)

Bed Styling Tip #1: The Mismatch Bed: 

Who says everything has to be the same? Not us! We love a good pattern play, and it’s not as hard as you might think. The trick is to keep everything in the same color family, and pull in some neutrals for balance. When choosing your blanket patterns, go with at least one geometric and one organic pattern, and then just have some fun! Textured and monochrome patterns can also carry the theme, and we love the idea of bringing it to the floor with layered area rugs. 


Bed Styling Tip #2: The Matchy-Match Bed: 

On the flip side, there’s just something we find ultra-satisfying and soothing about all-matching bed linens and pillows. Perfect for those crave a little order in life, matching bedding comes with easy style right of the bag (literally). The only rule here is to pick the one you like best, and then scoop up all the matching pillow covers, sheets, and accents before anyone else does!


Bed Styling Tip #3: The Pillow Fort Bed: 

Our pillow philosophy? There’s no such thing as too many. And all great pillowscapes start with the perfect statement piece. This should be something with a striking pattern, and then you can build the rest of your design around that. Choose at least one more pillow with a complementary pattern, and then surround them with solid colors. Switch up your textures and sizes to get the most wow factor. As for your comforter, keep it neutral so that all eyes are on the pillow and it doesn’t compete. 


Bed Styling Tip #4: The Snoozer Bed: 

It’s sweetly romantic, irresistibly plush, and you pretty much never want your alarm to go off. The snoozer is all about choosing soft colors and even softer textures. We think there’s nothing better than a crisp white comforter to make your bed look and feel like a cloud. From there, pair it with a white satin throw, plus velvet and faux fur pillows to get all the feels. 


Bed Styling Tip #5: The Monochrome Bed: 

It doesn’t get more chic and modern than a monochrome color scheme—and bonus points for making the room feel bigger. Just pick your favorite color for the comforter or duvet, and then build the rest of your story with the same hue in different shades. Go for accent pillows and throws, and switch up your materials and fabrics to keep it interesting.


Complete the Bed

Want to know the best way of all to make the bed? The answer is making it as comfortable as possible with the right foundation. This bed styling tip is all about starting with the right mattress that is specialized to fit your specific sleep needs and preferences. For example, some people prefer a firm mattress, while others love the feel of an ultra-plush pillow top. There’s also a few other factors to consider, which we cover in our mattress buying guide.