Prints Charming Get the Pattern Playbook on Mixing and Matching

Valentine’s Day is here, and Cupid’s arrow has landed squarely on all things patterned. But before you find yourself in a bad romance, we’re giving a crash course on how to mix and match your favorite prints. Read on for our top tips, and then get ready to stroll off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

Pattern Mix and Match Tips

Keep it in the family:

And by that, we mean color family. The pattern should be your only major variable, so your colors should carry the same level of intensity. Avoid mixing pastels with primary colors, or subtle shades with saturated hues. Here, we kept things nice and neutral with our McKenna settee and Tachenda pillow.

Gray Pouf and Gray Striped Pillow

Mix organic with geometric:

Turns out, opposites do attract. Start with an organic shape, which is a pattern that you’d find in nature, like a floral. Then pair it with a geometric print like a stripe or chevron, and watch the magic happen. We think that our poppy-printed Shibori pouf and Scout striped pillow pull it off with perfection.

Rainbow Area Rug and Colorful Wall Art
Find balance:

Like any good relationship, you’ll need some compromise. Don’t pile all of your patterns into just one end of the room, and instead, disperse evenly. Consider anchoring both ends of your sofa with printed chairs, or take things in the opposite direction (literally) with a bold area rug and wall art. Our Icicle wall art and Palt area rug keep things flowing from top to bottom.


Indoor Outdoor Rug and Pillows

Try a rule of three:

Using odd numbers is a common theme in home design, and pattern play is no exception to this rule. Keep our other tips in mind when making your selections, and the result will be fun and eclectic without making your space too busy. Bonus points to our indoor/outdoor Riviera area rug, Daria pillow, and Chevron pillow for working outside and playing well together.


Polka Dot and Striped Accent Chair

Consider your pattern size:

A big, bold pattern turns up the energy level, while a more muted print gives off soothing vibes. Think about what you want in your space, and then choose accordingly. Our Laryn chair is a great example of going big, while our Mckenna chair keeps things nice and calm.

Contrasting Area Rugs Blue and Beige

Layer your rugs:

Can’t decide on just one pattern? Then choose both! Layering your area rugs is an easy and stylish way to pile on the prints. Just lay your bottom rug parallel to your furniture, and then lay the top rug diagonally. Once again, color rules apply, so keep your hues in harmony like our Logan blue and Logan beige area rug.

Modern Blue and White Area Rug
Have no fear:

Above all, never be scared or hold back! Patterns are intended to liven up your space and add all the right kind of drama (and few do it better than the pictured Kanai area rug).