Small Space Decorating Tips Getting stylish in a 300-square-foot studio

We have to admit, there’s just something about small space living that feels super appealing. Maybe it’s the cozy factor, or maybe it’s the way it forces us to really scale down and only keep the things we love. Of course, that doesn’t mean it comes without challenges, namely, where do you fit everything?

Using our 300-square-foot studio space as the example, we created an apartment that checks all the boxes—great flow, enviable style, and enough places to store it all. Here, we’ll share all the tips we learned about small space decorating.




Let’s face it—a small space is going to be tight on storage, so you’ll need to get creative. Some of the most unused space in any home is the walls and floors, so we suggest focusing here first. Think under-bed storage units or investing in a bed with storage drawers. On your walls, hang as many hooks and shelves as possible, which can serve the dual purpose of being decorative.




It goes without saying, but you’ll want to keep your furniture in proportion with the space. That means low profiles, clean lines, and pieces that won’t compete with your square footage. When buying your furniture, think about where you can save space.

For example, go for a loveseat instead a sofa. Or, choose a full-sized bed instead of a queen. In the dining area, think about a pub table rather than rectangular dining table. They still provide all the same function, while saving precious inches.




When you’re eating, sleeping, and living in the same space, the walls might feel like they’re closing in on you. An easy way to combat this feeling is to create dedicated room zones. By giving yourself separate and defined living areas, you’ll instantly make the space feel bigger. Use pieces like an open bookshelf to define the zones, which will serve the double purpose of adding more storage.




Another way to give yourself some breathing room is by creating a privacy area. This is especially essential if you’ll be sharing the space, whether temporarily with guests, or permanently with a partner. A room divider does the trick nicely, plus it has the twofold benefit of defining the space (like our above small spaces decorating tip).




Small space living is all about adapting, which makes versatile furniture your best friend. For example, opt for a media chest in the living area instead of a traditional TV stand. It will still hold your television and media, with the added function of shelving space for extra clothing storage.

Or that bookcase you’re using to create room zones? Load it up with anything and everything, from your dishes to your shoes. We also love the idea of using a c-table instead of an end table, since it cozies up right next to the loveseat. The lightweight design can easily be moved around the apartment too, adding function where you need it.

Ultimately, small space decorating is all about making the most of what you have, and with just a little creativity, you can make the perfect cozy home. And if you’re ready to entertain, just check out our small space hosting tips.