Small Space Party Hosting Ideas to make the most of your room

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t host—it just means you have to get a little creative. After all, some of the best nights are spent entertaining your favorite people, so why let a little lack of square footage stop you from hosting your own party? We happen to think a tight space just makes things cozier, and you can let us solve the logistics for you right here.


Use a dining bench:


Trade in the chairs for a dining bench on at least one side of the table. Not only will this make the room feel more open and spacious, you can also seat more people this way. Plus, we just happen to love the way it looks.


Grab furniture from other rooms:


Speaking of needing seating, chances are you’re going to need extra chairs, so borrow some options from other rooms. Stools, armchairs, and even poufs will do the trick nicely. Plus, the mix-and-match style will look sweetly eclectic, and your guests will feel right at home.


Keep the menu small:


The bigger the menu, the more dishes and serving space you’ll need. Do yourself a favor and keep the menu small. Think small bites, appetizers, or even just a dessert party. Another great tip is to scatter the snacking stations around the room, as this will prevent guests from getting crammed into a single spot.


Use tiered serving dishes:


Another pro menu tip is to use tiered serving dishes for your food. This will open up room on the table and allow you to serve more food in less space. Plus, is there anything prettier than a cupcake tower?


Go with easy-serve cocktails:


Another area that could cause party gridlock is the drink station or bar. That’s why we recommend going with a signature cocktail and using an easy-to-pour drink dispenser. This will allow guests to grab their drinks quickly and keep on moving.


Find storage everywhere:


As with any small space, using one piece of furniture for multiple uses is key. For example, keep one shelf on your bar open for purses, so your guests don’t have to use the table or chairs. And if you don’t have a bar, you can get really crafty and borrow a bookcase from another room to serve as an all-in-one drink station, plate holder, and purse storage. Anything on wheels is also a plus, as guests can move it around as needed.


Use an extension dining table:


Extension dining tables are great because they allow you to get a bigger table than your space would normally allow. When you’re not entertaining you can remove the leaf and enjoy the smaller size, and when guests come over you can add the leaf and let everyone squeeze in a little.


Hang your décor:


Go with decorations that take up vertical space or wall space, like balloons or a simple party banner. This makes the room feel festive and fresh, without actually giving up any real estate that you’ll need for other things.


Avoid a big centerpiece:


Simple table settings will keep the space from feeling cluttered or packed, so we say skip the big centerpiece or oversized floral arrangement. A low-key vase with greenery or baby’s breath is understated and chic.

After that, all that’s left to do is have fun with your friends! Who said small space party hosting can’t be done? Your friends will love the extra thought you put into your get together, and we know they’ll be back for more. Also, you can pick up some small space decorating tips right here.