Stylish Home Storage Ideas Solutions for rooms short on closets

Have you resolved to get more organized in the new year? But don’t have endless closet space? Join the club! And since moving wasn’t exactly an option, we set out on a quest to find stylish home storage ideas. Read on to see our favorite solutions, covering everything from the bedroom to the baby’s room.

1. Bedroom Wardrobe


For most of us, bedroom closet space is number one on the wish list—especially if you hit up those post-holiday sales. So instead of cramming everything into the closet you already have, give yourself back up with a wardrobe. Also known as a gentleman’s chest, this handy little item is basically a ready-made closet. Even better, most come with built-in organization like drawers, shelves, and clothing hangers.

2. Storage Coffee Table


This little storage solution can go a long way for many living rooms. While it might not seem like it can hold much, this small-but-mighty champion is your clutter catchall. Think remotes, playing cards, magazines, dog toys—basically anything that would otherwise end up on the floor or tabletop.

3. Baskets


What can you do with baskets? Correction: What CAN’T you do with baskets? We use them here in the nursery, but this MVP of stylish home storage ideas can work basically everywhere. In the baby’s room, they’re perfect for easy-access toy storage, as well as diapers or clothes. We like the idea of a soft fabric in the nursey, but you can go wire or wicker elsewhere.

4. Bookcase


Have you traded hardbacks for e-readers? That’s okay! Bookcases can be used for SO much more than just books. In fact, this is one of our favorite stylish home storage ideas for so many reasons. The slim design can fit in most rooms, and can even be used as room dividers in open-concept living spaces. But best of all is their storage power. You can literally stack anything and everything on a bookcase, from clothes and shoes to dishes and cups.

5. Modular Storage Units


Need some more flexibility in your storage needs? Then consider going the modular storage route. Modular refers to individual pieces that can be moved around to function with other pieces. Using the picture above as an example, we started with a storage bench, and then added the piers to create even more space. The beauty of this option is that later down the line you could use the bench in another area, like for shoes in the entryway. And the leftover piers can move to the home office or living room.