Summer-ize Your Living Room 5 easy ways to bring the season inside

Ever wish you could bottle up summer and make it last forever? We love the state of mind that comes with the season. From extra sunshine to extra vacation days, it just feels lighter and brighter than any other time of year—and we’re all for bringing that vibe inside.

So here, we’re sharing five ways to “summer-ize” your living room. Using just a few easy accents with a neutral base, you can really mix up your look and get the summer feeling all year long.

1. Beach-Inspired Wall Art

Fact: You can’t have summer in Florida without the beach. They go hand-in-hand like popsicles and ice cream. That’s why some beach-inspired artwork is topping the list of our summer décor. The sunset tones of this particular example make it feel both modern and retro, so it actually goes with virtually any décor. Plus, it’s printed on acrylic for an extra vibrant and glossy effect.

2. Summery Accent Colors

Want summer fun at home? Just add color. This is one of the easiest ways to change up your look for any season, and summer is no exception. Just grab a few vases and tabletop accessories, and boom, the whole room has a new feel. Right now, we’re all about shades of coral that really brighten up the space.

3. Extra Seating

Summer is best spent hanging with your friends and family, so you’re definitely going to need some extra seating. We love the idea of using an accent pouf, because they are so handy and versatile. You can literally fit one anywhere, and they’re super affordable (not to mention cute). Use it as a foot rest when you’re flying solo, or top it with a tray for a boho end table.

4. Golden Lighting

When we think of summer, we think of that magic golden hour when the sun is setting and everything looks extra beautiful. And there’s no reason you can’t capture that same glow indoors with some ambient lighting. The key is choosing the right piece, like a floor lamp with a shade, which lands in the perfect spot between bright and dim. For the record, we’re all about making it literally golden by using a gold metal style.

5. Lots of Greenery

Another quintessential part of summer is all the lush, vibrant greenery that comes along with it—which is yet another easy thing to bring inside. A floor plant will add major life and energy to your space (even in faux form), and it’s truly one home accent that goes with every single decor. Throw it in a basket to score even more style points, and the rattan texture will also lend to your summer feel.