Trend Alert: Natural Wood 5 pieces that nail the look

Can we can a round of applause for the natural wood trend? Warm and inviting, this favorite in home décor has us on high alert—and for good reason. For one, it’s easy to incorporate into any look, plus it goes with every color scheme.

And besides that, it’s just plain cool, and it comes with some serious staying power. Want more proof? Here, we cover five times the natural wood trend was total perfection.

Look #1: Live Edge Wood Tables


You can’t talk about natural wood without mentioning live edge. This is when the edge of the slab is left unfinished, leave the natural shape of the wood intact. The result is totally unique, since no two pieces will ever be the same.

Why we love it here: The accent tables offer a low-commitment way to feel out the look while totally making a statement.

Look #2: Live Edge Wood Desk


Yup, this concept is so hot we’re giving it an encore. The thing about live edge wood is that it checks all the design boxes. It manages to be both modern and classic, warm and oh-so-cool, and perfectly imperfect.

Why we love it here: A live edge desk adds some much-needed creativity to any home office or work space.

Look #3: The Dry Finish Bookcase

Another popular theme of the natural wood trend is, well, to go natural. And by that, we mean what’s called a “dry” finish. This is essentially when the wood is covered with a matte finish, rather than the glossy finish you might be more used to seeing. It’s a more organic and rustic feel, which lends a definite style factor to your space.

Why we love it here: Bordered with black metal, this bookcase is eclectic and edgy while adding plenty of function. (P.S. Who says a bookcase is just for books? Try one in any room to display your collectibles and/or store items like purses and shoes.)

Look #4: The Painted Accent Chest


This trend doesn’t have to feel totally rustic or casual. In fact, with a little glow up, it can be downright glam. The painted front of this wood accent chest still nods to the trend, while adding a sleek touch that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Why we love this look: The silver front of the accent chest is sleek, chic, and makes a well-suited match to the deep blues of the chair.

Look #5: The Herringbone Credenza


Turns out, patterns aren’t just for fabrics. Using small pieces of wood in varied tones, the doors on this credenza have a herringbone pattern that is undeniably impressive.

Why we love this look: It’s both understated and memorable, making it a standout piece at any dinner party.