Velvet Crush The Furniture Fabric That’s Taking Over

Our current obsession: Anything velvet. Who’s with us? Once considered super fancy (and maybe just a touch stuffy), today’s velvets are soft, inviting, and really (really) cute. Even better, velvet is actually a low-maintenance fabric that’s resistant to stains and abrasions.

Need more proof? Whether you go all in, or add just a touch, we’ll show you why velvet furniture looks great in any room. And we’ll share some decorating tips along the way!



Our gateway piece to the velvet trend is an accent chair. The perfect way to cozy up your favorite corner, this look is easy and affordable to execute. Since it’s a smaller item, we recommend going with a statement color or shape to really make an impact—or both.

After that, all you’ll need is an accent table to hold your reading material and drink. Unfinished woods tend to pair well with this lustrous fabric, offering a funky and eclectic vibe.



Now if you really want to ease into the velvet furniture trend, the pillow route is your best bet. It’s a low cost, low commitment way to get that velvet touch. The good news is that you still get to have lots of fun, by switching up the colors and layers. See how this otherwise minimal color scheme gets a bright makeover with a few pillows.



Ready to get your velvet on big time? Then try a larger application with a velvet upholstered bed. Personally, we love upholstered beds in any fabric, and velvet just makes it that much better.

To avoid making the room feel too heavy or wintery, go with a light color like a blue, blush, or off white. This will also give you a lot of versatility with your nightstand and dresser, as you can go light or dark with the wood. It all comes down to your personal preference.



Want some velvet furniture in the bedroom but not too much? Swap out the bed for an accent piece, like this style at the foot of the bed. (Secret: It’s actually a living room ottoman, but it happens to make a pretty cute bed bench, too.) The neutral color also supports the softer approach, while giving you all the same swoon factor.