Your Color Personality Featuring our Modern Seascape palette

We can all agree that color plays a big role in home décor. It sets the mood, adds style, and brings the whole look together. But did you know it can also reveal a lot about you? Using our seasonal Modern Seascape palette, we’re breaking down your color personality.


Say hello to your happy color—literally. As the color of sunshine, yellow invites warmth and happiness into your home. So, it probably comes as no surprise that fans of yellow décor are typically friendly, outgoing, and optimistic. They also tend to have big goals, so we’re willing to bet a yellow house loves the occasional DIY project or two—most often with great results.
How to incorporate into your décor: Try a throw pillow (or four) on your indoor or outdoor sofa to really lighten the mood.


Can’t get enough blue? Then home is probably your escape from the world. As the color of peace and tranquility, the blue color personality is all about feeling totally zen at the end of a long day. It’s also safe to say you’re typically neat and organized, and you put a lot of thought into your décor. Your home makeovers involve tons of planning, and the results are always on point.
How to incorporate into your décor: You really can’t go wrong with blue, but we love the idea of vases in different heights and patterns.


Prepare to be at one with your décor side, since green is the color of nature and balance. People drawn to green are down to earth, with a flair for being innovative. You often think outside the box and can see the big picture, so your home style is most definitely trendsetting, and full of quirk and individuality.
How to incorporate into your décor: Tap into your visionary side by pairing a velvet accent chair with a bold accent wall.