Easy Ways to Cozy Your Home ‘Tis the season to get comfy

Is it just us, or does the holiday season make you want to stay home and get cozy? Maybe it’s all the holiday movies on television, or the arrival of some (slightly) cool weather. Either way, we just want to curl up and relax. And if you’re feeling those same vibes, read on for easy ways to cozy your home.

1. Layer Up


Baby, it’s not exactly cold outside in Florida, but we’re still ready to wrap ourselves in softness. So bring on the faux fur throws and pillows, which just make everything more comfy and toasty. Plus, they’re perfect for afternoon naps on the sofa.

2. Pile on Plush

Like freshly fallen snow, a white rug turns your living room into a winter wonderland. And while it doesn’t hurt to keep the rest of the décor white, a simple rug will do the cozy trick just fine. And we promise you, no one will ever mind taking their shoes off when this extra-plush amazingness is involved.

3. Add a Velvet Touch


When it comes to getting cozy, there’s no such thing as too many soft touches. So with that, we say bring on the velvet. It’s the perfect material for dining chairs or accent chairs, and the lustrous fabric looks every bit as good as it feels.

4. Light a Fire


Does it get any cozier than a holiday spent gathered ‘round the fire? And since the sunshine state is limited on indoor fireplaces, we’re happy to take it outside. After all, it IS the most wonderful time of year—and that includes the weather! Even better, this low maintenance solution can turn on and off with a switch.

5. Twinkle All the Way


The right lighting is big part of looking and feeling the cozy part. That means giving your overhead bulbs some time off—literally—and calling in a softer glow. Mood lighting comes in all forms and styles, and from table lamps to chandeliers, we love them all.

6. Let There be Lanterns


Say hello to our current favorite accessory: Lanterns! This all-purpose accessory literally works everywhere—inside or out. Line your front walk with a few different sizes to give your home a sweet welcome. Or, try them inside with some seasonally colored candles.