Deck Your Walls

‘Tis the season to be stylish, and we’re decking our walls with all that is merry and bright. From traditional canvas prints to three-dimensional sculptures, City Furniture has a variety of artwork to bring your walls to life.

But since hanging wall art is, well, an art form in itself, here we have some easy tips for putting the finishing touch on your home decor:


1. Consider the space: Let the walls dictate the size of your art or shape of your arrangement. If you have a wide space, be sure to buy something that is horizontal, and go long when fitting a vertical space. If the scale is off, the whole look will feel strange.

2. Add visual balance: When hanging art in multiples, keep heavy pieces on the bottom and left. If your arrangement is a single row, keep the heaviest piece in the middle.

3. Do a practice run: Save yourself the frustration of covering your walls in unnecessary holes. Instead, trace each piece of art that you plan to hang on craft paper, and then use painter’s tape to try out different options.

4. Mix and match elements: Hang mirrors side by side with art, or throw in a wall sculpture to add depth. Not only will it add visual interest, but it’s also a great trick if you don’t have enough art to fill the scale of the wall.

5. Leave some breathing room: Empty wall space is just as necessary as art-filled wall space. You don’t need to cover every square inch of your walls to make an impact.

6. Level the middle: When hanging multiple pieces in the same room, level the middle versus the bottom or top. This will create balance when the pieces are separated by doors or windows.

7. Try layering: Skip the hammer and nails and use a mantel or shelf to place and layer various pieces of art.