Easy Holiday Decorating 5 festive and budget-friendly tips

‘Tis the season to deck the halls! But let’s face it, not all of us have the time or budget to transform the house into something from your Instagram newsfeed. And guess what—you don’t have to. Here, we’re sharing the secrets to easy holiday decorating.

1.  Pick a focal point

You don’t need wall-to-wall holiday décor. Instead, pick one focal point to concentrate all the holiday spirit. A mantle is a great option, but since we know those are scarce in Florida, a bookcase, wall shelf, or tabletop will do just fine.

Once your pick your spot, just load it up with your merriest picks! By skipping the whole room, you’ll definitely save on time and expense.

2. Mix holiday décor with “regular” accents

Who says it has to be covered in fake snow or buffalo plaid to qualify as holiday décor? Not us! Look around the house for home accents you use all year, and think about what could go with your seasonally-specific items.

For example, a green vase with some branches will add to your festive look. Anything in neutral colors will also serve as a great option. This will help you fill in your focal point with plenty of items, without having to actually invest in a ton of holiday décor.

3. Stay in a color scheme

 While most of us think of red and green when it comes to holiday décor, there are actually lots of options in the blue, silver, gold, and white family. We recommend choosing colors that go with the accents you already have in the room.

This will make everything feel more pulled together. Even better, you won’t need as much to pull off a cohesive look, so it’s another great tip for the budget. When the holiday décor competes with the rest of décor, you’ll need more to make it feel purposeful instead of random.

4. One room at a time

Take the pressure off of doing the whole house! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your winter wonderful. We recommend focusing on one room each year, and slowly building your holiday décor stockpile over time. After-holiday clearance sales are a great option for this!

5. Go DIY

By now you have all the tools for easy holiday decorating. But, if you REALLY want to layer it on, the DIY route is always a great resource. There’s no shortage of ideas at your fingertips, and they’re all a quick google search away. Some of our favorites include:

-Filling a mason jar with cranberries

-Piling ornaments on a cake stand

-Stringing LED lights anywhere (and everywhere)

-Lanterns filled with pinecones

-Ribbons wrapped around the stair banister

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