Perfect Furniture Pairs Fall in love with our favorite furniture couples

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re feeling the love—for perfect furniture pairs, that is. Because when it comes to matches made in heaven, what’s more everlasting than these star-crossed duos?

Lamp and Table

We love any couple that brings out the best in each other. Always there to shed some light and offer support, an accent table and lamp are a love tale as old as time. And can we can get a round of applause for all the style potential?

Bed and Nightstand

You had us at hello. What would a bed be without a nightstand cuddled up next to it? After all, we all need somewhere to rest our reading glasses, book, and alarm clock. Plus, they just look great together too.

Chair and Pouf

Is there any better companion for an accent chair than a pouf? This versatile pair can work in just about any room in the house, from a reading nook in the bedroom to accent pieces in the living room. And we can’t deny any relationship that lets us feels truly comfortable.

Loveseat and Coffee Table

Some couples just complete each other—and the room—like a loveseat and coffee table. Filling the space with great energy, this twosome gives us all the feels (especially when it’s the super-soft feel of our pretty-in-pink loveseat).

Dining Table and Chandelier

Talk about couple goals. This eye-catching pair commands attention from everyone in the room, serving as the centerpiece to your dinner parties. And maybe it’s just the light of the chandelier, but all love should leave you glowing.

Accent Table and Mirror

This dynamic duo shines everywhere they go—and they can go just about anywhere. From making a statement in the entryway to making a great vanity in your bedroom, an accent table and mirror has us head over heels.

Have more perfect furniture pairs? Tell us your favorite!