Humans of City Furniture: DJ

This holiday season, DJ Piquion is prepared to give the greatest gift of all—serving our country. Current operations team leader and army reserves soldier, DJ knew he wanted to join the military since the age of five. After the events of 9/11 and losing friends to war, he didn’t hesitate to enlist and fulfill his childhood goal. He spent years as an active soldier until family circumstance pulled him into the reserves, where he now dedicates one weekend a month and two weeks a year training to protect and serve. Knowing that a deployment call could come at any moment—whether it be to assist in a natural disaster or join the combat overseas—DJ keeps one bag packed and ready to go at all times. And while the thought might scare most people, he keeps a selfless outlook on the possibility, stating “I just want to go so that I can come back and ease the minds of those who have not yet been deployed. The most important thing the army has taught me is integrity, honor, and to remain calm.”