AFLOAT: The New Waterbed See why it's time to start floating

Have you heard? The waterbed is back—only this time, it’s not your parents’ waterbed. From unbelievable comfort to eliminating that “rocking” feeling, AFLOAT has totally reinvented this groovy sleep solution. And here, we’ll tell you exactly why it’s time to start floating.


Natural Support

Afloat Waterbed Natural Support Pressure Points

Your body is over 70% water—which is precisely why AFLOAT is a dream come true. Waterbeds have the unique ability to perfectly displace your weight and eliminate pressure points.


Blissful RestAfloat Waterbed Better Sleep

Finally, your sleep can go undisturbed. The elimination of pressure points means no more tossing and turning, which means maximized deep sleep. That all adds up to waking up totally refreshed.


Temperature Control

Afloat Water Bed Dual Temperature Control

One of the great perks of water is that you can heat it and cool it—so we took full advantage and created all of our AFLOAT beds with temperature control units. This includes a king-sized version that comes with dual controls, so that each side can choose their preferred setting.


More Precise

Afloat Waterbed Conforming Support

The AFLOAT water compartment was strategically designed with a loose fit, allowing it to completely conform to your body. Pair that with the fabric cover (the same used in stretch denim) and you can enjoy maximum comfort and enhanced circulation.


Energy Saving

Afloat Waterbed Energy Saving

The temperature control offers warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer—meaning you can leave the thermostat alone. Plus, the patent-pending insulation system uses about 40% less energy than ordinary waterbeds.


No Leaks

Afloat Waterbed Does Not Leak

Unlike the waterbeds of the 1970s, you can rest easy knowing that AFLOAT will not leak. It’s all thanks to a vinyl safety liner that is custom fitted to protect the foam frame and provide a safety layer between the mattress and its supporting base.


No Special Accessories

Afloat The New Waterbed

Another feature that makes our waterbed different from the designs of the past is that you can use it with your existing linens and bed frame. No special accessories needed to get the sleep of your dreams!


No Bed Bugs

Afloat Waterbed Prevents Bed Bugs

The key to keeping them out? Not letting them in. Dust mites and bed bugs love the cotton, foam, fiber, and wood of traditional mattresses. AFLOAT’s impermeable liner and water compartment locks the door on unwelcomed guests.


100 Night Comfort Guarantee

Afloat Waterbed Comfort Guarantee

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy your new AFLOAT bed. And to back it up, we’re giving you our exclusive 100 Night Comfort Guarantee.

Ready to start floating? Start with a test rest in store, or you can take a look at all the options right here. Our options include everything from the Pure model, which offers a more relaxed feel, to the Firm, which gives you conforming support. Don’t call it a comeback—just call it a totally reinvented waterbed.