At-Home Summer Fun 9 activities you should start planning

Start making your checklist, because we’re officially declaring it the summer of fun. And the best news is you don’t have to go anywhere. Here, we’re sharing our favorite activities that you should definitely try at home, from dinner nights with your crew to adventures with the kids. Because for us, summer is about kicking back and feeling carefree at any age.

1. Have an Indoor Picnic

It doesn’t get more classic than summer picnics with the kids. But let’s face it—it’s hot outside and the bug situation is real. So, we suggest taking the picnic inside and bringing the lemonade and sandwiches to the living room. The kids will love the treat of “breaking the rules” for a day, and you’ll love beating the heat. (And if you’re worried about spills, try a sofa with a performance fabric like our easy-clean Nixon.)

2. Carve Out Some “Me” Time

Summer is all about hitting the pause button and embracing a slower pace. This makes it the perfect time to focus on yourself and incorporate self-care into your daily routine. Think a daily yoga practice, bedroom meditation, an at-home facial, reading a book, or anything that makes you feel calm and relaxed. It’s a good habit to start now and keep throughout the rest of the year, especially when the busy fall and holiday season hits.

3. Celebrate the 4th

It’s not summer without celebrating America’s birthday—and your backyard makes the perfect party setting. Grab some sparklers and fire up the grill, and host a 4th of July party that goes from day to night. Your friends will appreciate skipping the big crowds and impossible parking for the usual beach firework scene.

4. Host Outdoor Movie Night

Skip the theater and host summer movie nights in your backyard instead. It’s way more fun this way, plus everyone can really spread out and get comfy on pillows, blankets, rugs, and chairs. All you need is a projector and speakers to cue up the movie, and if you don’t have a screen, a big sheet will work in a pinch. We promise, this is one idea that kids and adults will equally enjoy (as long as you don’t forget the movie snacks).

5. Lounge By The Pool

It’s basically impossible to talk about summer without mentioning the pool. After all, a refreshing dip is the best way to combat the Florida heat and spend a lazy weekend afternoon. It’s also equally enjoyable solo or with your friends and family, which makes it one of the most perfect summer activities around. And if you don’t have your own pool, many hotels offer day passes for a reasonable price.

6. Host Happy Hour

We love a good summer cocktail, so this year consider skipping the pricey bars and hosting happy hour at home. You can really have fun by mixing up a signature cocktail, like a refreshing spritzer with citrus-themed flavors. Use a wheeled bar cart to store your supplies, so you can roll it from the kitchen to the living room to the dining room and keep the party going.

7. Stay For Dinner

If summer cocktails are a hit, have the whole gang stay over for dinner. You can’t go wrong with summer fare like burgers and dogs on the grill, and you can always bring the food inside to cool off. The idea is just to spend time with your favorite people, and you can take turns hosting throughout the summer.

8. Conduct Arts & Crafts

Turn your living room into summer camp while the kids are out of school. Arts and crafts are a great way to keep them creative and active during the summer downtime, which is a win/win for everyone. Once again, if you’re worried about crayons on the furniture, you can also opt for performance fabric for an easy-clean (and worry-free) solution.

9. Have a Sleepover

Kids love sleepovers, and now is the best time of year to plan one. There’s less on the weekend to-do schedule, and more time for sleeping in and having fun. It’s a great way for kids to bond with their friends, and you might get to enjoy an evening of downtime as they read books, watch movies, and giggle the night away.