DIY Home Hacks 13 clever tips that make life easier

There’s few things we love more than a good home hack! Home hacks are basically anything that can save time and money on common household routines—and just generally makes life easier. And who can be mad at that?

So we polled our incredibly talented team (from set stylists to event planners) to give you the best of the best. Take a look at our top picks and see how you can incorporate them into your own home.

1. Dust a Lamp Shade with a Lint Roller

If you’ve ever tried dusting your fabric lamp shade the old-fashioned way, then you already know that just ends up in smeared dust. To save your pretty shades, trade in the dust rag and spray for a few swipes of a lint roller.

2. Store Your Plastic Bags in a Tissue Box

Raise your hand if you have a plastic bag filled with plastic bags stashed in a kitchen closet somewhere. We did too, that is, until we discovered this handy life hack. Instead, use an empty tissue box to store them, and mount it inside a cabinet using double sided tape. This will save cabinet space and prevent them from constantly falling out everywhere.

3. Double Your Closet Space with Soda Tabs

We say “yes” to anything that offers more closet space—especially when it’s as low budget and easy as this. This life hack uses a simple soda can tab to create a double hanger, by looping the hangers through the tab holes. This will give you more space in between hangers on the rack, and you can take it a step further by pairing your favorite tops and bottoms to create ready-to-go outfits.

4. Organize Your Drawers with Cardboard Dividers

This quick fix is perfect for sock drawers, which are usually in need of some serious organization (it’s okay, we’re guilty too). Take any cardboard you have around the house and cut it to the width and depth sizes of your dresser drawers. Then, where the cardboard rows will intersect, cut a slit that goes halfway into each row of cardboard. Put them together, and voila! Easy peasy dividers.

5. Turn a Chip Bag Into a Bowl

This hack is the definition of a party trick, and it’s perfect if you’re short on bowls or want to cut down on cleanup when the party is over. All you have to do is open the bag, and then using your hands, gently roll the bottom of the bag up into itself. You can stop when the chips reach the top of the bag! Trust us, it’s really that easy.

6. Cover Your Drinks with Cupcake Liners

This trick is a must for outdoor parties to prevent bugs and any other debris from falling into the glass. Simply take a cupcake liner (bonus points if it’s pretty), turn it upside down, and poke the straw through. You can even add this to your drink station so guests can make their own, and it doesn’t hurt that the drinks will look cute too!

7. Use Tongs to Make a Blind Duster

Blinds are no doubt the most dreaded dusting task around the home, so we were searching for a way to make this quick and easy. Enter, the DIY tong trick. Using a few rubber bands, secure a small wash towel around each end of your kitchen tongs. The gripping action allows you to effectively dust each side of the blind at once, leaving no dust particle left behind.

8. Turn a Shower Caddy into a Spice Rack

A common theme of home hacks is using one home item for another, and this tip is a great example. We love the idea of using a shower caddy as a spice rack in the kitchen, because it frees up storage on your shelves or countertops. Be sure the caddy lines up to your shelves when the door is closed, and use an adhesive hook for the hanging.

9. Label Your Cords with Bread Tabs

Don’t you hate it when you have to unplug the router, only you don’t know which cord IS the router? Save yourself the trouble of playing cord detective (or the headache of unplugging them all) with this genius idea. Using bread tabs to label the cords, you’ll never have to second guess which cord is the right one.

10. Use Walnuts to Remove Light Scratches

So much more than just a snack! Walnuts can actually help treat a light scratch on wood furniture. All you have to do is rub the shelled walnut into the scratch, first using a circular motion, and then lengthwise. Allow the natural oils to soak in for a few minutes, and then polish with a clean rag.

11. Turn a Glass Into a Speaker

This oldie but goodie is great for impromptu dance parties, when you find yourself without a speaker but in need of some volume. Just drop the phone (carefully) into the glass, and the glass will act as an echo chamber to amplify your music.

12. Store Wrapping Paper with a Plastic Bag Holder

Most of us know the pain of our wrapping paper falling over in the back of the closet, leading to wrinkled, unraveled, unusuable paper. Save your paper—and your money—with a plastic bag holder, which can be found on Amazon for just few dollars. It easily mounts to the wall using brackets, and it’s the perfect solution for tip-happy wrapping paper tubes.

13. Remove Rug Dents with Ice Cubes

Want to rearrange your furniture but worried it will expose the unsightly rug dent? Ice cubes to the rescue! Place as many as you need to cover the dent and then wait for the ice to melt. That should take care of the dent, but you can also “fluff” the spot with a fork to further expand the fibers. Repeat as necessary for deeper dents, and then enjoy your new layout.

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