Furnishing Your First Apartment Tips from our Design Studio Experts

First things first: Congrats on the new place! But now what? Furnishing your first apartment can be overwhelming, and not to mention expensive—especially with this whole rent thing that’s happening. But before you just decide to live at home forever, read on for tips from our Design Studio for a smooth move.

1. Look for Furniture Packages

For most people, furnishing your first apartment usually means starting from scratch. Not only can this be pricey, but it can be tricky to pull together a cohesive look. That’s why we love the idea of a complete matching package, which usually includes some sort of savings incentive.

City tip: Our Package Deals have a special bundled price, and are styled by our merchandising team.

2. Maximize Seating

Most apartments are tight on living space, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice seating space. Sectionals are a great way to optimize every inch with seating, as they typically offer one more seat than a sofa and loveseat combo. You can also trade a coffee table for an ottoman, which will serve dual purpose as seating when you’re entertaining.

City tip: Many sectionals can be built according to your layout, by choosing each piece in the configuration separately.

3. Add a Sleeper

No doubt your friends will want to visit the new place, which means you’ll need a solution for overnight guests. And since most first apartments don’t come with a guest room, a sleeper sofa is your next best thing.

City tip: It’s not your grandma’s sleeper sofa! These days, sleeper mattresses can be surprisingly comfortable, especially with memory foam upgrade options.

4. Use an Extendable Table

Getting your first apartment means throwing your first dinner parties! Only one small problem (literally)—most apartments are short on dining space. Which means a big dining table is out of the question. Therefore, getting a smaller table with an extendable leaf your best bet. This way, it will still be the right size for the room, but you can squeeze in a few more seats when company calls.

City tip: Get more small space party hosting tips here!

5. Make the Most of Small Bedrooms

The key to furnishing your first apartment is choosing functional pieces. For example, try what’s known as a spread bed, or a wall bed, in your bedroom. And yes, we know that a large piece seems to go against all logic. But the beauty of this design is that it eliminates the need for nightstands while adding extra storage space.

City tip: You can also go for a dual-purpose vanity and desk to serve double duty. More multi-function room ideas here!

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