Get Host-Ready for the Holidays How to prep your home for guests

Hosting season is coming up fast! Get your home ready to welcome all your loved ones with these top tips. From holiday dinners to overnight guests, it’s your playbook to enjoy every minute together.

1. Make room at the table

Prep your dining room for guests by making sure you have enough space to eat together. Extendable tables, like the Sonoma trestle table, make enough room for family dinners every night, and especially during those holiday events. It’s super easy to slide the tabletop apart and add the leaves—making room for extra chairs.

2. Try a fun tablescape

Make your dinner party a little more festive. Tablescapes set the scene and the mood for your guests. It’s as easy as adding fall colors, or a joyful garland with some vases. This is a simple addition that turns your dining room into a venue!

3. Consider hosting dinner outside

If your group likes to enjoy the outdoors, don’t be shy. Go outside! Outdoor dining collections like Canyon offer lots of table and seating options. Soak up a little vitamin D—or enjoy the cool night air with a meal under the stars. Bonus tip: Don’t forget to put out a Citronella candle to keep bugs away.

4. Get ready for sleepovers

Are they staying overnight, too? Welcome your guests with an extra comfy guest room. Make sure your mattress is updated—a new one will make a big difference in their sleep and energy. There are so many affordable options for the guest room, like our Rest & Renew mattress line.

Also change the sheets to make sure they’re fresh for their stay, and pile on the pillows too. Of course, don’t forget to stock the room with anything you think they’ll need. Bonus tip: Make a cute B&B moment with a water bottle and snacks on a tray.

5. Invest in a sleeper

No guest room? No worries. Sleepers will come to your rescue with their double-duty design. Upgrade your sofa to a sleeper for lounging all year long and entertaining whenever loved ones come by. If you have a dedicated room for your home office, adding a sleeper is a great option for casual seating, plus extra space for guests to crash.

6. Or use your living room

Your living room can also double as an overnight guest room with the Amber sleeper. This three-in-one sectional is a roomy seat by day and a bed by night! Plus, lift the chaise to store sleepover essentials, like pillows and blankets.

7. Keep them entertained

Check with your guests ahead of time and learn their plans. If they are hanging out with you, plan some activities you can all enjoy together. Movie nights are a tried and true activity for the holidays. Get your living room host-ready with storage for all your movies. You’ll need options for the feature film!

8. Go outside

Don’t forget to venture out to switch things up. Take advantage of Florida’s great weather by splashing around in the pool, playing a game of backyard hide and seek, or even playing a board game on the patio. The options are endless!

9. Consider the kids

Will your guests have little ones? You’ll need activities for them as well. Ask your guest if their children will need anything special and add those items to your shopping list. Pick up some safe toys to keep them occupied, like coloring books, modeling dough, or blocks. Make sure each child will have something to entertain them. Bonus tip: If you don’t have a sofa upholstered in easy-to-clean performance fabric, pick up some covers to protect it from spills and stains.