Mattress Buying Guide Everything you need to know

Everyone’s sleep needs are different, but there’s one thing we all have in common—we spend one third of our lives sleeping. That’s why buying the right mattress is one of the most important decisions you can make (and we don’t want you to lose sleep over making the perfect choice).

So with that in mind, we put together an easy-to-understand mattress buying guide, starting from which type of foundation is best for you, right down to whether firm or plush is your dream match.

And the first question is: DO you need a new mattress? If you answer “yes” to anything on the below list, it’s probably time to start shopping:


Okay, so what now? The first step is deciding what kind of mattress you want, and we’re here to break down your options:



The most classic type of mattress, there’s a good reason coils have stood the test of time. It gives you the most bounce, using steel coils that work to adjust to every twist and turn. They’re also typically the most affordable options and come in a variety of different comfort levels.


Memory Foam

Another popular option, memory foam offers little to no bounce when compared to innerspring. Instead, the incredibly responsive support system actually conforms to your body, providing excellent pressure point relief.



For those that love the best of both sleep worlds, hybrid mattresses offer a medium amount of bounce. Using a steel coil support system topped with one or more layers of foam, it’s a great blend of the “springy” feel of an innerspring with the conforming benefits of foam.



Oh yes, don’t forget about this one! Waterbeds have made a recent comeback lately. Your body is about 70 percent water, which gives a water mattress the unique ability to actually allow your body to “float.” This offers great pressure point relief, and it can be heated or cooled to your preference.

Next, you’ll need to determine your comfort level, which can best be determined using the following meter:


You’ll also need to decide your size. This is probably the easiest decision of all, but you still should know the breakdown of options:


Now it’s time to pick your foundation (aka box spring). While this may seem like just another add-on, your foundation is actually really important for providing additional support, keeping your mattress structure intact, and promoting airflow.


Last, but not least, you can pick your frame. Most mattresses come with a standard frame, but it doesn’t hurt to think about going for a power base. It’s a common belief this is just for the older crowd, but power bases are actually great for all ages—working to improve circulation, reduce snoring, and give you a better TV view.