Top 5 Staycation Ideas Give yourself break without leaving home

Ready for a little break but don’t want the hassle of traveling? Then a staycation is definitely in order. The perfect way to give yourself a mental escape, a staycation is all about relaxing without the time or expense of actually going anywhere. Here, we cover our top five ideas that are totally budget-friendly while feeling like a true escape.

1. Lounge Outside

When you live where the rest of the country vacations, you can skip the plane ticket and book a stay in your own backyard. After all, we’re pretty sure about 75 percent of most vacations are spent lounging in the sun anyway. The key to making it feel really special is by doing something different. Whether it’s mixing up a fun cocktail and inviting friends over, or just diving into a book, the idea is just to take a break from the norm.

2. Unplug and Unwind

One of the best things to do on a staycation is nothing at all. Try going off the grid for a full weekend, especially if you’ve been feeling extra tired or stressed. This means turning off your phone, avoiding email, and giving yourself some true “me” time. And while you’re at it, go ahead and catch up on some sleep. We promise, you’ll feel totally refreshed after a day or two!

3. Go Sightseeing

Become a tourist in your own city—you might just be surprised at what you discover. This can be anything from trying a new restaurant to going to a museum you forgot even existed. The point is to break your normal weekend routine, as the more new things you do, the more special your staycation will feel.

Not sure where to start? Check the events page on your city’s website, or follow them on social media. You can also poll friends for ideas, or lookup your own area on travel review sites. Keep an open mind and give anything that sounds interesting a try!

4. At-Home Spa Day

We just love a good self-care day, which makes it a top contender for our top 5 staycation ideas. Stock up on face masks, nail polish, and scented candles and let the pampering begin. You can find all the essentials at your local store, and don’t hesitate to splurge on a bottle of bubbly to go with it.

5. Movie and Game Sleepover

This staycation idea is great because it’s literally perfect for any age, from the kids to the grownups. Just block a day with your favorite people, and let the fun begin. Start with a round of board games, and then switch to a movie marathon.

Of course, everything is better with good food and drinks, so stock up on those! For the kid-friendly crowd, they’ll love getting hands on with making an easy appetizer or dessert. And for the 21+ crew, we love the idea of everyone bringing a different drink or plate to add to the party. Just make sure to pack the pajamas!